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Welcome to The Grez Way

The Grez Method Recipes

Our recipe book is a joint effort with my wife Barbara and “Chef Yogi” Mariano Garcés, an Argentinian living in Mexico with whom we made a great team.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, breads, desserts, soups... They all have their place in this book, which we hope will be the best companion for this trip. The journey to a new life of health and well-being.

This book is not a new diet . It is a recipe book for a new life.

Enjoy the dishes that Mariano Garcés @ChefYogui, together with Pedro and Barbara, have prepared especially for you. They heated the pans to create delicious dishes that will not only delight you, but will also make it easier for you to reach your desired size, eating deliciously and without going hungry.

In The Grez Method Recipes you will find breakfasts, breads, desserts, lunches, dinners, soups and numerous tips so that you can eliminate excess body fat (without rebound) and improve your health indicators.


The Grez Method Recipes

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