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ELEC-VTL - Electrolyte Minerals / Powder


ELEC-VITAL - 600gr / 60 days - Electrolyte Minerals - Sugar Free

Are you following a low carb keto diet, or ketogenic, lowcarb, paleo, intermittent fasting or the " GREZ METHOD " and you have headaches, difficulty concentrating or mental fatigue, difficulty going to the bathroom (constipation), feeling tired? @ physically all the time, do you have cramps or have you plateaued in losing body fat?

Then chances are you are low on electrolytes.

Every time you drink water without sodium instead of hydrating... you are dehydrating yourself!

The mecanism is the next:

You drink water/coffee/tea --> you go to the bathroom --> you lose electrolytes --> the “thirst” signal is activated --> you drink more water --> you go to the bathroom --> you lose more electrolytes and if you continue like this The rest of the day you will end up with the symptoms described above.

How can I add electrolytes to water?

A “homemade recipe to get by” could be to add a little lemon juice and ¼ teaspoon of tea with salt to a glass of water, but if you want, in addition to sodium, to include all the electrolytes & minerals so that the body functions optimally, you should use ELEC-ViTaL because it is much more than salt.

Contains: Potassium chloride, anhydrous citric acid, sodium chloride, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, tricalcium phosphate, natural flavor, calcium carbonate, zinc sulfate monohydrate, ferrous sulfate monohydrate, sodium selenite, sulfate of manganese monohydrate, copper sulfate monohydrate, chromium picolinate and all of the above... SUGAR FREE! (Sugar is not an electrolyte)

ELEC-ViTaL does not break your fast, on the contrary, it will allow you to go longer hours without eating and without going hungry.

You can prepare it cold or hot.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon in a glass of water in the morning. You can repeat the dose every time you go to the bathroom or if you exercise or sweat during the day.


We think people should get vitamins & minerals for their money.

BVITAL (pronounced " Bi - ViTaL) is the first line of supplements without cellulose (wood fiber used to make paper and... sanitary wipes), without talc, without dyes (appear in capital letters and bold), without lactose, no sugars ( "ose" are sugars) and no corn fillers (maltodextrins).

None of those ingredients is a vitamin or mineral.

Made in Chile in a registered and certified laboratory "Food and Drug Administration" (FDA) of the United States.

ELEC-VTL - Electrolyte Minerals / Powder

$26.99 USD