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BICOL-VTL - Collagen, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.


BICOL-VITAL - 60 capsules / 30 - 60 days.

BICOL-VTL (ViTaL) is an “ anti-aging ” formulation that includes, on the one hand, the nutrients that allow your body to manufacture tissues, from the skin, hair to the blood vessels of your arteries and heart, and on the other , powerful and proven free radical antioxidants.

One way to delay the effects of aging is to supplement with collagen, but you need “well-formulated collagen” , that is, a collagen formulation that includes the vitamins and minerals essential for collagen to be bioavailable and fix in your tissues.

Without vitamin C, the body cannot produce/fix collagen. Without copper the body cannot produce/fix collagen.

The formulation includes bovine and marine collagen, essential for the formation of skin, hair, nails, corneas, along with two essential ingredients for the bioavailability and fixation of collagen: vitamin C and copper. Without these nutrients, collagen is not bioavailable and will not bind to your tissues.

In addition to collagen and the nutrients necessary for its fixation, BICOL-VTL includes powerful free radical antioxidants, which are, ultimately, responsible for the aging and deterioration of your body's tissues.


Adult 1 capsule with the last meal or before bedtime. It does not break the fast.
Suitable for ages 8 and up.


We think people should get vitamins & minerals for their money.

BVITAL (pronounced " Bi - ViTaL) is the first line of supplements without cellulose (wood fiber used to make paper and... sanitary wipes), without talc, without dyes (appear in capital letters and bold), without lactose, no sugars ( "ose" are sugars) and without corn fillings. (maltodextrins).

None of those ingredients is a vitamin or mineral.

Made in Chile in a registered and certified laboratory "Food and Drug Administration" (FDA) of the United States.

BICOL-VTL - Collagen, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

$39.99 USD