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VIT/C-VTL - 380mg Liposomal Vitamin C - PUREWAY-C


VIT/C-VITAL - 380 mg Liposomal Vitamin C PUREWAY-C / 60 capsules / 30 - 60 days.

The most efficient way to obtain vitamin C is intravenously. Absorption is 100% and up to 25g (25,000mg) can be injected per session.

The second most efficient way is " Liposomal Vitamin C " which has 80% to 90% bioavailability, that is, how it is assimilated by the body.

The third way is to consume ascorbic acid (vitamin C), but with doses over 300 mg the absorption is only 50% and as the dose is increased the absorption decreases even more. The ascorbic acid that the body does not absorb is eliminated through urine.

VIT/C-VITAL 380mg is the first " Liposomal Vitamin C " in Chile because the ascorbic acid molecule is " encapsulated " in a phospholipid (It is a single ingredient).

Other alternatives, which are passed off as liposomal, are actually "blends" of excipients (sunflower or soy lecithin) with ascorbic acid among other ingredients. Mixing lecithin with ascorbic acid, or other ingredients, does not make it liposomal.

VIT/C-VITAL provides 380mg per capsule and according to studies at the cellular level it has 400% bioavailability (as absorbed by the body) compared to normal ascorbic acid (vitamin C), that is, 1 capsule of VIT/C -VITAL is equivalent to 1,500 mg of normal ascorbic acid.


Adult 1 or 2 capsules in the morning or with the first meal. It does not break the fast.
Suitable for ages 8 and up.


We think people should get vitamins & minerals for their money.

BVTL (pronounced Be-ViTaL) is the 1st and only line of supplements in Chile without ingredients in bold, without cellulose (wood fiber with which paper and... sanitary wipes are made), without talc, without dyes (they appear in capital letters and bold letters), lactose-free and sugar-free (ending in 'ose'), without sweeteners and without corn fillers (maltodextrin) because those ingredients, very cheap otherwise, are not vitamins or minerals.

Manufactured in Chile in a laboratory registered with the SEREMI de Salud and certified by the "Food and Drug Administration" (FDA) of the United States. (Equivalent to the ISP and SEREMI together).

VIT/C-VTL - 380mg Liposomal Vitamin C - PUREWAY-C

$39.99 USD